First lesson: Performance Enhancement Products (Week commencing: 19th October 2015)

For the lesson plan, mind maps were taken into consideration as I believe this teaching tool is very useful. Why? I feel it can give students the chance to provide additional information. This can be supported by Alamsyah (2009), who states that “Mind mapping is a useful technique that helps you learn more effectively, improves the way that you record information, and supports and enhances creative problem solving”.

Reasons, Consequences and Solutions!  IMG_20151020_122336

During my lesson, I made the decision to use a small amount of time on PowerPoint, actually only for 4 minutes (when you are explaining the next task!). Why did I make this decision? Because I feel PowerPoint is not a useful tool at times! Furthermore, PowerPoint’s seem to encourage students to sit through and perceived that they have ‘got the notes’ (Jones, 2003). Do I agree? Of course! Especially in a PE context, as most topics should be taught where students can with work other students or teachers through discussions, meaning they are able to share ideas and develop a further understanding. I thought it was important to express my passion of PE through my voice, body language
and storytelling. Noticed that I used different communication skills? I guess you could consider the need off a physical classroom environment where communication skills promote positive behavior and open support for students academically, socially and personally for the teacher and student (Geng, 2011).


Overall, I must say that I enjoyed the lesson with a few adjustments that need to be made. For example, I will provide students with challenging questions their lack of encouragement to answer questions were fairly high and they need to be challenged. My view can be supported by Groneke & Paulus (2007) findings, stating that challenging questions were effective in promoting engaged student participation. I believe students shouldn’t have to feel that they lack the ability to answer or develop an answer. Therefore, it is my responsibility to help students develop their confidence and understanding!


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