Back from half term! (Week commencing 2nd November 2015)

Sean Junkins

Welcome back! Previously I wrote about my first teaching lesson and a reflection of that lesson. During the lesson I’ve come to realize that my questioning techniques needed improvement to gain an better developed answer from students. Therefore, I used an hands down technique down called PPPB (Pose, Pause, Bounce and Pounce) to attempt to seek answers from students who do not usually answer. This technique is supported by McGill (2011) who believes the technique keeps your students alert and ready to respond, and initially be challenging for students to break the habit of raising their hands. I feel using this technique has helped form a positive learning with students in the lesson as they seemed to have improved confidence in answering questions without feeling uncomfortable. One thing I will reflect on in the lesson is my communication skills as there were times where I felt I spoke too fast. Wyeth (2014) states “when you speak too fast, you do the same thing with your spoken words. You don’t leave any spaces of silence between phrases and sentences, thus making your listeners work too hard”. I can relate as students asked me to repeat the question when I confronted them on how they were doing. Therefore, it was important to work on developing my voice using voice exercises. For example, voice relaxation is essential for good speaking, especially when doing vocal exercises (Toastmasters, 2011). A positive I can take from the lesson is the use of jigsaw teaching as students had different roles to play in learning. The jigsaw process is an efficient way to learn course material, encouraging listening, engagement and empathy (Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, 2007). These reflection will provide an understanding of my personal strengths and weaknesses and solutions to improve.


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