Another three practical lessons! (Week Commencing 16th and 23rd November)

Relating to my previous post, I’ve been teaching another three practical lessons, related to circuit training.

The main focus on the circuit training sessions were on resistance machine exercises and there was already an issue. A lack of PE kit was an issue in two of the lessons resulting in disengagement from students. It’s important for students to be engaged in the lesson even if they are not participating in physical activity. Additionally, it’s important to make sure EVERY student in the classroom is engaged within the lesson to receive the best learning outcomes for their subject. Researchers have recently used the term engagement to “refer to the extent to which students identify with and value schooling outcomes, and participate in academic and non-academic school activities” (Willms, 2000). This issue resulted in a change in my lesson plan such as the aims and objectives to help learners understand what they are being assessed.

A change of lesson plans helped identify a course of action that can reach goals and objectives for every student. Lesson plans are created to communicate to learners that they will learn and how they will be assessed (Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy, 2010). Therefore, it was important to provide a role for the disengaged students to still feel part of the practical lesson and gives me the chance to assess what they have learned through the roles that I have allocated them in. I feel this provided a positive reinforcement for the fourth practical lesson as a student who did not take part in the lesson the first time, took part in the second lesson and supported other students within the lesson. To me, this showed the student took responsibility for their own learning which can related to professional standard 17. Furthermore, this made the student feel like they were still part of a group and understood the objectives that they were assed on.


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