The importance of behaviour management in the classroom

This week, four lessons were taught based on a new unit (cardiovascular system) in the B-Tec Level 3 course. This was my first time teaching the group and started off fairly good. However, issues started to occur where students began to misbehave during lesson tasks. This resulted in questioning behaviour management.  I needed to understand what behaviour management was and the importance of handling misbehaved students. Behaviour management is a whole school approach and its purpose is to create an environment that will promote positive behaviour and reduce opportunities for poor behaviour occurring in class (Department for Education, 2009). Teacher need to respond to behaviour in a way that not only allows students to take responsibility for their own actions, but to provide an opportunity of reflecting and make changes. Therefore, why is it important to not react to misbehaving aggressively or even yell? Linson (2011) believes these actions causes issues towards the teacher including the following:

  • It weakens your influence
  • It is stressful
  • Provides a poor model towards students on how to deal with things that do not go their way.

What are the solutions?

Cymru (2012) suggests that behaviour management should begin with effective classroom management at the beginning of the year. Why? Because this provides students with a set of rules and routines which are understood at the beginning of the year and they must follow until the end of their educated year. In addition, during class, it is important that teachers provide a praise and reward system as it is an effect way to encourage children to engage as it focuses on their effort and continue learning. Overall, I am going to work on classroom management strategies to avoid fewer issues occurring.


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