My first observation

Before the Christmas break, I had my first teaching observation. Following this, I received feedback on the lesson and the six professional standards I had to meet and show evidence for. Each standard was addressed with feedback, addressing ways of improving my grade for the 2nd observation. Firstly, it was important to practice body positioning and eye contact for PS 11 (Manage and promote positive learner behaviour) because my mentor felt one side of the classroom were not approached enough on the learning objectives. Good teacher positioning and movement are vital in establishing and maintaining learning, discipline and safety in your lesson. Additionally, it enables you to observe effectively so that you can monitor, for example, pupils progress or behaviour and give them feedback either as individuals, groups or as a whole class (Capel and Whitehead, 2015). With improving eye contact, I can show specific messages through facial expression which can keep students attention. A check of understanding throughout the lesson was addressed through PS 13. I acknowledged the improvement of checking if students were able to feedback the information taught. I was advised to work on this and research tools and protocols to improve this standard. I decided to look at open questions, which requires to think and formulate a response in which the teacher develops a distribution strategy. The distribution strategy involves the teacher to pose questions, allowing learners to think, naming a learner, listening to their answer and rewarding, and spreading questions around the class. Why is this important for me? Because I as a teacher, should encourage all students to join in for understanding. The lesson observation feedback was a useful tool to help me improve the professional standards and my teaching practice. It is not just a personal skill development but is also beneficial for students who are learning.



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