The importance of safeguarding

Safeguarding is one of the colleges serious responsibility, ensuring students are in a safe and well-being environment. There was an issue where a student of mine would arrive for the first lesson until midday, then will disappear and not turn up for the last lesson of the day. This has happened for the last two weeks and I was concerned for her well-being. I decided to have a talk with my mentor and academic coach of the student to address the issue. The reason for speaking to the academic coach is because they meet with the student every week to see the progress of their work. Academic coaches help improve the odds that students will make the best use of their time in college (Beyond Booksmart, 2015), in which I feel at this moment of time, the student was not. However, I must remember that there could be a possibility that a student has personal issues that I do not know about, therefore, it was important to speak to the academic coach to address any information I would need to know about my student. Following reading an article called ‘A quality teacher is a caring teacher’, I agreed with the following statement, “Showing students you care about them helps create a positive, supportive relationship and helps build an enviroment where learning can flourish.” Although it is not related to the possibility of personal issues, it is still important that I am able to build a supportive reltionship with the student in which they are able to speak to me about issues that are to do with academic work. However, I must ensure I maintain my professionalism if the student has spoken to me about any personal issues. Therefore, a welfare officer and the academic coach would need to be involved.


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