End of my teaching experience blog

So this is the end of my teaching blog and I have learned a lot about myself as an individual and as a teacher. One thing that I would like to look up more on is my teaching philosophy.

Creating a teaching philosophy requires me to reflect on my teaching practice which involves descriptive and analytical skills that justifiy the teaching methods I use and areas to look to improve on. This relates to PS 1 “Reflect on what works best in your teaching and learning to meet diverse needs of learners” (The education and training foundation. 2014). A teaching philosophy involves developing yourself as well as focusing on student learning. A statement from Casciani (2009) stated that “your teaching philosophy should have the three critical building blocks: knowledge, critical thinking and curiosity”. It explains how teachers need to understand the three critical building blocks as this will help further development of your teaching philosophy.

My experience has helped me understand what my teaching philosophy is and how I will approach it towards learners. My teaching philosophy involves a passion for Physical education. This is shown through my high involvement in sports with the aim of teaching physical education to young adults in the near future. It’s important that my philosophy considers students the opportunity to express themselves through several ways such as creativity. This relates to PS 4 stating that teachers should “be creative and innovative in selecting and adapting strategies to help learners to learn” This statement justifies my reasons for believing that it is important for teachers to try and promote students to be creative.

Overall, there is more to develop while I am at my placement. I feel I have improved from the time I started my placement to now and I will continue to keep improving. It is important to keep looking for advice from resources, staff members and lecturers on improving teaching. It has been an rewarding experience.


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